• KitchenAid®  sett - 5 hlutir
  • 5-PIECE SET: This 5-piece set includes a slotted turner, basting spoon, slotted spoon, short turner and a ladle.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: All tools are constructed of durable nylon with stainless steel detailing for look and quality.
  • GIFTABLE KITCHEN SET: This set is the ultimate prep set for any new kitchen, college student, or aspiring chef.
  • NON-STICK & HEAT RESISTANT: Each piece is safe to use on all cookware, including nonstick and is heat resistant to 450°F/232°C.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: Dishwasher safe for fast and easy cleanup

KitchenAid® 5 hluta sett

Sett frá KitchenAid® með 5 vönduðum hlutum 

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KitchenAid® sett - 5 hlutir

  • Vörunúmer: Kitchenaid
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